Welcome to Southeast Utilities

Southeast Utilities of Georgia ("SEU") offers full-service construction, repair and emergency services related to Cable TV, Telephone, Fiber-Optic communications and Power construction including underground trenching, plowing, missle and directional boring and aerial construction. Southeast Utilities presently has preferred contracts with Comcast nationally, Carolina Power, Uniti Fiber, CenturyLink, MediaCom, MetroNet, Newberry Electric, Level 3 Communications, AT&T, as well as most counties and municipalities surrounding office locations.

Also, SEU has extensive experience in deploying and leading Storm Restoration Teams in response to weather-related disasters. Recently, Southeast deployed rapid-response teams in the wake of tornados in Chattanooga, TN (2020), Hurricance Michael (2018-19), Hurricane Irma (2017), Hurricane Hermine (2016) and Hurricane Matthew (2016). During these months-long deployments, Southeast has coordinated up to 100 crews working 7-days a week.

Over the last 24 years, SEU's charter to provide high quality construction services and customer satisfaction has never wavered. We have grown to a company of over 240 employees with offices in 5 states.

Southeast Utilities is the client’s best choice for construction support in constructing, implementing and operating network facilities for connection to the world of communication, information, and entertainment. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified experts who coordinate all new account startups. SEU's senior management team - Chris Walker, Mark Bennett, Carlton Baxter and Grace Williamson (and others) have over 100 years combined experience in the Telcom and Utility construction industry.

Continuous Improvements
Improvement and excellence of service is a continuous process and must be maintained through monitoring. Each quarter, a total review is performed by the Regional Manager on all customer accounts to identify prospective or needed improvements in efficiency, quality, customer service and satisfaction or scope of service. Included in this review is a comprehensive look at the specifications, job route, overall performance, supervisors, and management. The goal of this process is to improve the value of the services we supply in the constant effort to achieve excellence.

Total Quality Management
This is the heart of every exceptional service program that leads to perpetual quality. Quality and service is of the utmost importance to Southeast Utilities and is the basic expectation of the customer. Southeast Utilities ensures high service and quality by focusing on the four basic elements of a TQM program: specification, training, inspection/measurement and management. Customer expectations and specification of responsibility are transcended into specific employee job routes and supported by special training. General and specific training is coordinated by Southeast Utilities training department and includes performance and safety issues. A comprehensive inspection plan involves all levels of site and corporate management track and measure performance. TQM results are issued formally to the customer and Southeast Utilities executive management.

Risk Management
This is the title of the aggregate of the programs and staffing put in place to monitor, control and protect the assets of the company and the customer. Key programs and positions involved in this effort are: safety and accident prevention, training and education, and human resources.

Safety and Accident Prevention
The safety of the customer and our employees is a prime concern of our management team at all times. Our safety program focuses its primary attention on preventative safety. Our Safety Director, Maggie Vega, hosts monthly safety training for all employees and contractors, continuing vital certifications. We use the industry's most up to date equipment, vehicles, and tools to further our goal of keeping everyone safe. Utilizing the combined resources of our insurance carriers and suppliers, we investigate and followup accidents and near accidents to ensure there is no opportunity for reoccurrence. We partner with the customer to provide the safest workplace possible.

Training and Education
The objective of Southeast Utilities’ training program is to provide all employees with sufficient knowledge of safety, technical matters, procedures, equipment and security so they may perform their tasks safely and effectively. Each employee receives a combination of classroom training, one on one training and on the job training. It is the goal of the program to not only train the employees but to education them so they perform their assignments to the maximum of their potential and the expectations of the customer.